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Systemic Design for the promotion of the UNESCO Piedmont district


In Piedmont, more than 30% of the territory is characterised by the presence of UNESCO sites and recognitions. The project aims to promote the connection and exchange of experiences between regional recognitions to contribute to the sustainable and integrated economic development of the territories hosting them. Systemic Design applied on a local scale fosters a model of Circular Economy involving the regional productive actors.


The mapping of regional sites and recognitions has made it possible to define a methodological framework capable of bringing together actors, supply chains and institutions, encouraging dialogue and promoting the co-planning of strategies for the promotion of the area.

General Info

Regione Piemonte, Systemic Approach Foundation
Silvia Barbero
Project team:
Asja Aulisio, Chiara Battistoni, Luigi Bistagnino, Francesco Compagnoni, Alessandro Dentis, Alessio Ferru, Claudia Morani, Amina Pereno, Pier Paolo Peruccio, Fabrizio Valpreda




Project start

Memorandum of understanding between Politecnico di Torino and the European Regional Council

December 2017


for the creation of a Piedmont regional district of all UNESCO sites

December 2019


to create a system for Piedmont's UNESCO sites

December 2021


to promote the sustainable development of the Piedmont UNESCO District


New proposal approved


There have been four research projects funded by the European Regional Council since the memorandum of understanding with the Department of Architecture and Design of the Politecnico di Torino.


Barbero, S., Compagnoni, F., & Pereno, A. (2019). A systemic district for sustainable tourism co-designing interconnected networks for enhancing the natural and cultural heritage of local ecosystems. In: Relating Systems Thinking and Design (RSD8) 2019 Symposium, October 13-15, 2019, Chicago, USA

Barbero, S., Battistoni, C., Compagnoni F., Pereno, A. (2019), Ricerca per mettere a sistema i siti UNESCO del Piemonte

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