Sys Lab is a research group at Politecnico di Torino, which explores methods and tools of systemic design for environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

We do research. We do Systemic Design.

Our method links resources, products, people, and territories to design sustainable systems. Systemic Design is a design discipline that provides practical tools to address complex scenarios with a holistic perspective


Our work

In Sys Lab, we apply a systemic approach to different sectors, engaging public and private, local, and international stakeholders. The three main research areas that identify the spirit of Sys Lab are territorial enhancement, industrial innovation, and sustainable products.

What we do

Territorial enhancement

The connection with the territory has always been an element that characterises the Systemic Design approach. The sustainable development of territorial contexts is a crucial challenge of our century. This needs systemic design strategies to initiate and support a structural change, integrated in close relation with what must be, in parallel, a cultural change of the actors of the territory itself.


Industrial innovation

The research and management of material, energy and information flows is one of the areas of expertise at Sys Lab. The aim is to develop open systems within which the outputs of a production process can become a resource for another business, avoiding waste with a view to achieving zero emission systemic processes.


Sustainable products

At Sys Lab, in addition to studying and implementing projects related to the territorial contexts and industrial production processes, we develop products with a particular key to interpretation, namely that related to sustainability, which in Sys Lab is understood at 360°, i.e. environmental, social and economic.


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