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Study for the development of natural dyes from local crops with dyeing properties in a Circular Economy perspective


The research project analyses local crops of dyeing plants to assess the potential for developing natural dyes for industrial use. The research, in a Circular Economy perspective, proposes a series of strategies to valorise the by-products derived from the extraction processes of the crops analysed.


The results of the study led to the experimentation of natural dyes derived from two dyeing plants (woad and madder), applied in different industrial fields. At the same time, proposals for new applications were defined to develop circular business models from the industrial by-products of the two sectors.

General Info

Competitive, regional research project
Agrindustria Tecco Srl, Augusto Bellinvia Srl, Università degli Studi di Torino
Scientific supervisor:
Silvia Barbero
Project team:
Asja Aulisio, Vanessa Bibiana Molina, Amina Pereno



December 2020

Project start

April 2021

Analysis and selection

of two dyeing value chains, woad and madder

November 2021

Testing of natural dyes

and circular analysis of by-products

December 2021

Project end


The research reports a feasibility study on local dyeing crops in Piedmont. The results achieved lay the foundations for the development of future implementations.


Pereno, A., Aulisio, A., & Barbero, S. (2021). Design circular colours. A cross-sectoral project for the systemic design of regional dyeing value chains. In: Relating Systems Thinking and Design (RSD10) 2021 Symposium, Delft (The Netherlands), November 2-6, 2021. Available at:

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