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Systemic Design for a coffee Circular Economy


The coffee value chain, characterized by a high level of complexity, presents significant challenges from the point of view of sustainability both during the cultivation and processing phases and in those linked to the consumption and post-consumption of the beverage. Through a holistic approach, Systemic Design can actively contribute to the definition of new circular and sustainable approaches.


By integrating case studies, best practices, and scientific contributions into one system, this research has the potential to determine the current trends of circular and sustainable practices in the coffee industry and identify and develop new planning opportunities for Lavazza.

General Info

Commercial research project - National
Silvia Barbero
Project team:
Alessandro Campanella, Carolina Giraldo Nohra



September 2021

Project start

October 2021

Scientific literature

Trend analysis

November 2021

Coffee players

Analysis of the main global markets

December 2021

Circular actions

Study of best practices and research

February 2021


Define three design scenarios related to coffee transformation, consumption and end-of-life

May 2022

Multicriteria analysis

Definition of a set of indicators to support opportunities selection

July 2022


What will Lavazza be like in 2050?

September 2022

Project end

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