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Multidisciplinary training in Circular Economy and smart valorisation of the rural area for new business models


The research aims to define a multidisciplinary and international training course on the Circular Economy for rural areas. The students involved address the topics of Systemic Design, production engineering, agronomy, and business to build new circular skills, in close cooperation with local enterprises.


The collaboration between the agrifood SMEs and the universities involved underlined that the first step in promoting an industrial transition towards the Circular Economy is to create awareness in companies that they need professionals with new skills in the field of circular enterprises.

General Info

Competitive international research project - Funded
University of Bacau (Romania), International Hellenic University (Greece), University of Alicante (Spain), Romagria S.R.L. (Romania), Agrindustria Tecco S.R.L (Italy), ALFAWOOD Group S.A. (Greece), Comunidad de Regantes de Pliego (Spain)
Scientific supervisor:
Silvia Barbero, Pier Paolo Peruccio
Project team:
Asja Aulisio, Marta Bovio, Amina Pereno, Fabiana Rovera, Maurizio Vrenna



November 2019

Project start

June 2020

Regional state-of-the-art analysis

on circular economy in rural areas

September 2020

Analysis of skills

required by enterprises on Circular Economy in rural areas

February 2021

MULTITRACES interdisciplinary online course

delivered by the four universities involved

June 2022

International student internship

in the four SMEs project partners

July 2022

Presentation of students' Circular Economy projects

December 2022

Project end


Aulisio, A., Pereno, A., Rovera, F., & Barbero, S. (2021). Systemic Design Education in Interdisciplinary Environments: Enhancing a Co-Disciplinary Approach Towards Circular Economy. In E. Bohemia, L. M. Nielsen, L. Pan, N. A. G. Z. Börekçi, & Y. Zhang (Eds.), Proceedings of the DRS Learn X Design 2021: 6th International Conference for Design Education Researchers (Vol. 2, pp. 529–539). Design Research Society. https://doi.org/10.21606/drs_lxd2021.05.250

(Awarded as one of the best 10 Conference papers)

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