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Innova EcoFood

Eco-friendly innovation of food production from the output of rice and grape supply chains.


The project studies the innovative ways of valorising the outputs from regional wine and rice value-chains. The aim is to demonstrate how the competitiveness of the companies involved can be improved thanks to the application of Systemic Design.


The Holistic Diagnosis of Piedmont, and in particular the wine and rice supply chains, has led to highlighting some currently under-valued waste. The innovative transformations implemented by the involved companies led to the production of new food products, as well as the design of packaging.

General Info

Competitive, regional research project
Agrindustria Tecco Srl Exenia Srl, Politecnico di Torino - Dipartimento di Scienza Applicata e Tecnologia
Scientific supervisor:
Silvia Barbero, Paolo Tamborrini
Project team:
Eleonora Fiore, Barbara Stabellini, Debora Fino, Tonia Tomasi



October 2017

Project start

March 2018

Holistic Diagnosis of the territory

and identification of the by-products to be developed

September 2018

Transformation tests

chemical analysis and extraction of by-products

February 2019

Food production test

June 2019


design and prototyping

September 2019


of economic and environmental impacts

December 2019

Project end


This project was funded by the FESR Piedmont European Regional Development Fund for 2014-2020, which called for "Subsidies for industrial research and experimental development projects, reserved for companies related to innovation centers".


Fiore, E., Stabellini, B., Tamborrini, P. (2020) A systemic design approach applied to rice and wine value chains. The case of the Innovaecofood project in piedmont (Italy), in Sustainability pp. 1-28., ISSN 2071-1050

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